Active Cyber Attack! Don’t lose your cool

Active Cyber Attack! Don’t lose your cool

43% of Cyber Attacks target small businesses. Preparation is critically important if you wish to Prevail. Here are five actionable communication tips to help you stay cool in the heat of the moment:

  1. Don’t let processes get in your way: Don’t let your standard operating procedures stand in the way of timely communication with clients/customers. If an after-hours response is requested, somebody needs to respond. Customers will appreciate you for getting back to them outside your normal hours.
  2. Stay calm and step up your game: When client/customer are upset because they can’t access their accounts or are worried their data has been compromised, your phone will blow up and your inbox will be flooded. Take a deep breath. Try to stay calm and think through what your next steps should be. Focus on resolving the issue as quickly as possible.
  3. Engage with empathy: Your customers want to feel like they are top of mind, respected and appreciated. Show them empathy as you engage with them quickly and attentively. They need to feel they are being heard and that you are doing something to help. Happy clients who know they’re important will give you another chance.
  4. Be transparent: As you empathize be open with them about the service failure, take extra care to listen attentively to how the matter is affecting them and help them understand what the risks are to them. Transparency builds trust and your customers will appreciate your honesty.
  5. Follow up in a timely manner: After the attack is resolved, send out a follow-up communication to let the parties know what happened and the steps that were taken to resolve the matter. This demonstrates you take the issue seriously. Be proactive! Clearly communicate what you’ve changed to prevent a re-occurrence.

Prepare. Protect. Prevail.

54% of small businesses don’t have a plan in place for reacting to cyber attacks. Don’t be a statistic on the wrong side of the line. You can Prevail in Protecting your organization if you Prepare.

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