[Podcast] The Digital Forensics Files – Why start an Awareness Movement?

[Podcast] The Digital Forensics Files – Why start an Awareness Movement?

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Tyler Hatch, B.A., LL.B. of DFI Forensics interviews Coalition Founding Members Jeff Dettloff, Barb Holland and Theresa Kent to speak about why a Multi-Disciplinary approach is required to prevail in today's CyberSecurity environment.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • Why CyberSecurity efforts fail when they don't focus on developing a culture of awareness and accountability.
  • Why getting the right communication out can be what ultimately helps you pull through an incident.
  • Why protecting our data takes everyone.

  • We can do IT securely, but CyberSecurity is not an IT problem; it is a business risk management problem, an Organizational and Cultural Problem. CyberSecurity is a team sport. We have to do it now and we have to keep doing it.

    Links to some of the topics covered in this episode:
    Company that had to lay off employees as the result of an incident.
    Doomsday Clock Article Including Cyber-based Disinformation at #3.
    Nation-State Retaliation in the form of a Cyber Attack. 

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