[Podcast] What is Michigander Style CyberSecurity?

[Podcast] What is Michigander Style CyberSecurity?

Coalition Founding Members Jeff Dettloff of Providence Consulting, Thad Morgan of Fraser Trebilcock and Barb Holland of Truscott Rossman join Chris Buck on his podcast: Michigan ReImagined to talk about the frightening pace of data breaches, identity theft and CyberSecurity as a whole and what they mean for Michigan Organizations. They also cover how to change behaviors so you can avoid becoming a headline or statistic.

Thad: The Law is always playing catch-up to technology. New laws are imposing Pre-Existing duties as well as after the fact responsibilities.

Barb: There is a need for having a Pre-Prepared Crisis Communication plan. How do you make sure that those involved know what to do immediately both internally and externally to your organization?

Jeff: 90% of this stuff could probably be prevented with simple stuff:

  • Good Password Hygiene
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Training your users/employees properly to understand the threats such as constant phishing emails

  • Once something bad happens it isn't an IT problem anymore, it's a business problem. In fact, it isn't an IT problem from the get go and business leaders need to understand that. 

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