4th of July PSA – Hackers Don’t Take Holidays

4th of July PSA – Hackers Don’t Take Holidays

4th of July PSA - Hackers Don't Take Holidays

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Cyber criminals don't receive paid holidays, unless YOU give them one.

This Independence Day, don't give cyber criminals a paid vacation on YOUR dime.

Extra vigilance and caution is required for online activities not only this weekend, but every holiday weekend.

Cybersecurity professionals see a spike in cyber attacks on the eve of holidays and holiday weekends. Hackers know that we're more likely to step away from our devices for longer periods of time on holidays, providing them with a small window of opportunity to inflict extra damage.

What can you do? What is your part?

Simple: See Something? Say Something.

Let your security team or service provider know if you see something that doesn't seem right. They will know what to do. They should be Prepared so that they can Protect you and Prevail when the inevitable attack is launched. If you aren't sure that is the case for your organization - reach out to us. We can help!

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