Defeat The Breach Featured on The Art Lewis Show on WSGW 790am

Defeat The Breach Featured on The Art Lewis Show on WSGW 790am

Jeff Dettloff, CEO of Coalition member Providence Consulting appeared on the Art Lewis Show on WSGW Friday, October 9th to speak with Guest Host Bill Hobson about the Defeat The Breach Coalition, the opportunism and relentlessness of CyberCriminals and #CyberSecurityAwarenessMonth.

They talk about:

  • Where is Cyber Crime coming from?
  • How do Cyber Threats compare now to just a few years ago?
  • How far have Cyber Attacks come?
  • Cyber Criminals as businesses that re-invest in their craft
  • Phone Scams: Fake IRS calls and calls from 'Microsoft' - Microsoft will NEVER call!
  • How many hits are they really getting with these phone scams?
  • What Phishing attacks are & how to look out for them
  • The most surprising successful attacks Jeff has come across
  • Business Email Compromise
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Question every action you see online
  • What got Jeff started on his interest in CyberSecurity?
  • What is the #1 avenue of attack that people should pay attention to securing?
  • Updated attacks happen overnight based on sensational news and they WILL LOOK REAL
  • How can we know that we are clicking on something that isn't going to harm us?
  • How can we protect ourselves as it pertains to the vote?
  • What is the best free Anti-Virus for WSGW listeners?

  • Actionable Tips to spot Phishing:
    The bottom line is vigilance.

  • #1 attack surface is the person
  • #1 attack avenue is email
  • Red Flag: Is this email unexpected?
  • Red Flag: Is this offer too good to be true?
  • Red Flag: Is the message trying to make you feel urgency?
  • Red Flag: Hover your mouse over the link before you click on it - does is match?
  • If there is any doubt, THROW IT OUT!
  • Recommend AVG Free or Trend Micro if you want backups too
  • For Businesses recommend understanding your risk and working with a team that specializes in a layered approach (like Providence Consulting)

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