#HackerTracker: Download – Episode 2 – Real (Cyber) Life

#HackerTracker: Download – Episode 2 – Real (Cyber) Life

#HackerTracker: Download - Episode 2 - Real (Cyber) Life - #CyberSecurity Beyond the Classroom. A Defeat The Breach Coalition #CyberSecurityAwarenessMonth production.

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Last week our #HackerTracker Team talked about Cyber Attacks in Film. This week Coalition Member Tree Kent talks to a Real-Life Cybersecurity Professor about his experience with Cyber Attacks... but not in the Classroom... He shares his story of being the target of a Cyber Attack.

In addition, Professor Jason Mitchell of Lansing Community College talks about how so many things that just a few months ago were somewhat theoretical 'classroom' exercises are now commonplace practices across the board. From Work to Private life, from Social Media to in-home privacy - the Digital World has become even more intertwined with our daily lives than it was just a few short months ago.

*The views expressed by Professor Mitchell are not necessarily those of Lansing Community College.

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