Active Cyber Attack! Don’t lose your cool

43% of Cyber Attacks target small businesses. Preparation is critically important if you wish to Prevail. Here are five actionable communication tips to help you stay cool in the heat of the moment:

Don’t let processes get in your way: Don’t let your standard operating procedures stand in the way of timely communication with clients/customers.

Small Business Cybersecurity

This week's episode focuses on cyber attacks. 88% of organizations feel like they are losing control of their data. Focus On Business talks to the experts to find out how to get some of that control back!

Focus On Business "Cyber Security" brought to you by Small Business Association of Michigan, Michigan Bankers Association, Pollicella & Associates, and Providence Consulting.

Administrative Controls – Practical Cyber Security for Small Business

As technology continues to rapidly transform the business landscape and impact our lives in significant ways, the protection of your data, the systems where that data lives, and the people that work with that data is more important than ever before! To achieve a secure environment, Physical, Technical, and Administrative Controls must be deployed by business leaders and cybersecurity professionals across the entire organization.

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