Defeat The Breach Launches New Series: #HackerTracker: Download

Defeat The Breach Launches New Series: #HackerTracker: Download and launches YouTube Channel for #CyberSecurityAwarenessMonth

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Our #HackerTracker Team is bringing you a conversation around how Cyber Attacks are represented in film and all the ways that we don't realize how much classic films (like Jurassic Park!) are really Cyber Attacks!

Thanks to Chuck Lowery, CyberSecurity Manager for Providence Consulting, Tyler Hatch, B.A., LL.B. of DFI Forensics and Britt of BinVancity for joining Tree Kent of Providence Consulting for a fascinating conversation breaking down how CyberSecurity has changed pop culture itself!

Defeat the Breach Coalition Warns: Cybercrime Is Gaining Momentum During Pandemic


Defeat the Breach Coalition Warns Cybercrime Is Gaining Momentum During Pandemic

Vigilance is critical; free resources available to help prepare, protect, prevail

(Lansing, Mich) - The unprecedented impacts of the coronavirus across our personal lives, work, communities, schools and economy have elevated cybersecurity threats to a new level, the Defeat the Breach Coalition notes.

GPS Signal Lost

There is widespread speculation that Garmin, the worldwide leader in GPS navigation and fitness devices has suffered a Ransomware attack.

Garmin's website is reporting:
"We are currently experiencing an outage that affects and Garmin Connect.

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