Before an Incident

If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail

Even if you believe that your cybersecurity countermeasures are flawless, you must always prepare for the worst. Underestimating cybercriminals’ ability to adapt and innovate is the fastest way to make yourself a victim. The Defeat the Breach Coalition provides current, in-depth training and consulting to ensure that those under our care are prepared when a cyberattack strikes. Our coaching also helps employees build a culture of vigilance and make cybersecurity their personal responsibility. Finally, to determine if our preparation methods are working optimally, we conduct regular testing, reporting, and reviews.

Let’s look at ransomware as an example. Since it is profitable and relatively safe for the cybercriminal, ransomware is here to stay, so preparations must be made. We’ll train your employees to prevent these attacks and audit your systems to ascertain if they are at risk, but we have to assume an attack will be successful. The DBC’s experienced consultants will work with you to put together an action plan that decides if the ransom will be paid, determines what the ramifications would be to negotiate, establishes what needs to be reported to the board/shareholders/customers, and much more.

The Defeat the Breach Coalition prepares your organization for cyberattacks with:

  • Employee cybersecurity training
  • Cybersecurity testing and reporting
  • Crisis management planning and training
  • Legal management consulting
  • Liability insurance education and guidance

The Human Cost of Cyberattacks - Wake-up Call

In 2017, two large-scale cyberattacks, called WannaCry and NotPetya, disrupted the world. People like Patrick Ward tell the human costs of cyber warfare. Attacks like these continue today and many of us pay the price when our employer is attacked, or an organization that we do business with is unable to operate, or worse yet, closes it’s doors. We must stand together and take proactive steps to prevent these attackers from succeeding. Join the Movement Today!

Sobering Statistics


The median # of days that attackers reside within a victim’s network before detection


of all network intrusions are due to compromised user credentials


The potential annual cost of cybercrime to the global economy


The average cost of a data breach to a company

The frequency and sophistication of cybersecurity attacks are getting worse.
The old way of doing things is not staying ahead of the threat.



Ongoing testing, audits, backups, and patching of security systems ensure your company evolves ahead of new threats.

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After an Incident
The Coalition mitigates crises by sealing system breaches, managing the media, and providing legal representation.

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