After an incident

Your first response is the most important

You can do everything in your power to prevent a data breach, but the possibility always exists that one will succeed in damaging your systems or stealing your critical data. In this case, your response will mean the difference between forging ahead and going out of business. Our consultants and backup systems will get you back in business fast, but the damage will be done and must be addressed. Our public relations team will control the flow of information and the narrative of the breach so that your reputation is not tarnished beyond recovery. Even if the breach is not so serious, panic is still the enemy and our crisis management experts know how to defeat it.

It is also a distinct possibility that your organization may experience legal troubles as a result of a breach. It is an unfortunate reality that you will get blamed for a criminal’s actions, so our legal team stands ready to represent your organization and protect your rights. It doesn’t matter if there are disgruntled customers who believe they are owed something or a government agency seeking fines, we’ll have your back. Once we have weathered the storm, DBC consultants will put together detailed forensics documentation to prevent the incident from repeating itself and improve response plans.

The Defeat the Breach Coalition will empower your incident response with:

  • Crisis management to promote effective implementation of action plans
  • Public relations management to control public perception
  • Expert legal representation to defend against lawsuits and government action
  • Detailed incident reporting and forensics to seal the breach and prevent future ones



Before an Incident
We train employees at every level of the company to build a culture of security and vigilance.

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Ongoing testing, audits, backups, and patching of security systems ensure your company evolves ahead of new threats.

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