It’s always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it

Making your technology safe from cyberattacks is no simple feat, and keeping it that way is even more difficult. Your IT security provider may have given you the tools needed to protect yourself, but are they implemented correctly? Are they being maintained properly? Are they still up-to-date and effective? The Defeat the Breach Coalition will answer all of these questions and more. We’ll keep your employees trained and tested, your backups operational and restorable, and your systems updated and secure.

To achieve all of this, the DBC implements a variety of tools and methods to not only help keep organizations constantly protected, but also empower them to do so on their own. Our active methods include testing for things like susceptibility to social engineering scams like phishing (e.g., the classic Nigerian Prince scam), crisis plan effectiveness, security update status (patches), and data backup integrity. To help organizations passively help themselves, we create a security-focused culture and implement audit plans so employees keep each other accountable.

The Defeat the Breach Coalition strengthens your organization’s resilience with:

  • Education on and testing for social engineering scams
  • Testing and auditing plans for systems and employees
  • Data backup integrity and restorability checks
  • Update and patch management



Before an Incident
We train employees at every level of the company to build a culture of security and vigilance.

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After an Incident
The Coalition mitigates crises by sealing system breaches, managing the media, and providing legal representation.

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