Your Organization was breached! Now what? (4 part series)

Your IT technician has just informed you that your business has suffered a data security breach. Now what should you do?

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Fraser Trebilcock P.C.

Data breach incidents continue to make headlines. WhatsApp, Facebook, iPhones, health insurers, money managers, the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, the U.S. Department of Defense, an NBA team and dozens (if not hundreds) more businesses and entities were hacked in 2019 alone.

[Podcast] What is Michigander Style CyberSecurity?

Coalition Founding Members Jeff Dettloff of Providence Consulting, Thad Morgan of Fraser Trebilcock and Barb Holland of Truscott Rossman join Chris Buck on his podcast: Michigan ReImagined to talk about the frightening pace of data breaches, identity theft and CyberSecurity as a whole and what they mean for Michigan Organizations.

Active Cyber Attack! Don’t lose your cool

43% of Cyber Attacks target small businesses. Preparation is critically important if you wish to Prevail. Here are five actionable communication tips to help you stay cool in the heat of the moment:

Don’t let processes get in your way: Don’t let your standard operating procedures stand in the way of timely communication with clients/customers.

Is Your Amazon Account a Security Risk?

If your Amazon account is only secured by a password, especially if it is a password that you've used for other accounts, all the information in your Amazon account could be at risk. With the rise in phishing attacks this holiday season, we recommend setting up 2FA as soon as possible to help protect your account and secure your personal information.

Someone falls victim to cyber-crime every 39 seconds

This public service announcement is brought to you by the Defeat the Breach Coalition and WLAJ – My53.

Shake up your password protocol. Use a different password for every website.
Develop a culture of cybersecurity in your home. Teach your kids good online habits.

Top Michigan IT, legal and PR firms unveil Defeat the Breach cybersecurity preparedness, response effort


Oct. 2, 2019

Just in time for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Coalition will provide free resources, assistance to prevent and respond to company data breaches, improve cybersecurity

LANSING, Mich. – With 12 billion records compromised nationally by data breaches last year alone, three longstanding Michigan companies are launching a new resource – Defeat the Breach – to help companies and organizations across all industries prevent, respond and recover from cybersecurity incidents.

Small Business Cybersecurity

This week's episode focuses on cyber attacks. 88% of organizations feel like they are losing control of their data. Focus On Business talks to the experts to find out how to get some of that control back!

Focus On Business "Cyber Security" brought to you by Small Business Association of Michigan, Michigan Bankers Association, Pollicella & Associates, and Providence Consulting.

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